MOVE is an initiative developed by vapers, and aims to present the scientific evidence on electronic cigarettes to health professionals. We hope to generate an ethical debate about the importance of these devices as harm reduction tools and their potential to save lives and bring about an end to smoking.

In support of the initiative, the MOVE statement has been written by leading scientists, doctors and international public health authorities. The MOVE campaign invites health professionals to support this initiative.

Misinformation that has been disseminated about e-cigarettes has resulted in some countries in misperceptions about their safety, quality and benefits. Many health professionals are uncertain what advice they should give to patients about these devices. Many health professionals have been reluctant to speak up in public about tobacco harm reduction. MOVE is a call for all health professionals to, freely and with critical thinking, be informed on scientific evidence about these devices, and their value and importance in the final fight against smoking.



  1. Michael dice:

    After 30 years of smoking I changed to vaping 18 months ago with the idea to slowly reduce the nicotine and stop altogether. This went fantastic up until I reached zero nicotine around 9 months ago and was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.

    I was informed about the connection between nicotine and the condition and after trying a month on mesalazine (oral and enema) with limited success I decided in desperation to reintroduce nicotine into my e cigarette, I introduced 6mg/ml and average 3-4ml per day. I am pleased to say that I have lived in full remission since last June, around 8 months using no other medication.

    Thank you for taking a stand to support e cigarettes, they have helped me to stop smoking and also control a very uncomfortable chronic condition.

  2. Mi nombre es Antonio, soy de Mexico y fume durante 35 años, tengo 51 años y padezco de hipertensión y diabetes ambas controladas, m inicie en el vapeo desde diciembre del 2016, aunque hasta marzo del 2017 deje el cigarro por completo, fume los últimos 20 años 3 cajetillas de 20 cigarrillos al dia, 10 años mas 2 cajetillas y 5 mas 1 cajetilla, fumo desde los 12 años de edad pero no fue hasta los 15 cuando considero empece a fumar al llegar a una cajetilla al dia… mi salud ha mejorado notablemente, ya no me canso al caminar, y aunque tengo otros males que no me permiten realizar actividades físicas extremas como problemas en las rodillas, en el ambito pulmonar me encuentro muy feliz, de hecho he vuelto a cantar, que había sido siempre mi pasion y lo había dejado por el cigarrillo…estoy muy agradecido al vaporizador por hacerme sentir tan bien … espero que muchos Medicos se inscriban a MOVE y den su testimonio sobre este dispositivo y nos ayuden a difundir a nivel mundial

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