1 abril, 2018
Interview with Dr. Jörg große Schlarmann
16 abril, 2018



Doctor, why did you sign the MOVE statement?

There are several reasons why I signed, but among them are these two:

I resent the tortuous manipulations that are being applied to electronic cigarettes for purely financial reasons, and without the provision of any serious scientific study as a basis for the attacks and false information being used to confuse the public.

I am totally convinced that the vaporiser is not only an alternative to smoking, but is currently the most effective method for people to stop smoking permanently.

So, do you think that encouragement of the correct use of eCigs could be a definitive solution to the problem of smoking?

For now, and until we have something that exceeds eCigs in terms of effectiveness, I have no doubt. This is why eCigs are being overwhelmingly attacked – tobacco taxes are, for governments, a strong argument in this ‘war’.

There are many thousands of vapers who vape for the pleasure of vaping and who have gradually decreased their nicotine concentration to zero. Governments would have no way to recover lost tobacco revenues even via exorbitant taxes on nicotine.

It is a government folly to only take into account savings on long term therapies, hospital stays and pensions, and ignore the pain, suffering and sickness that these devices could prevent.

We noticed that you are a vaper, why did you start vaping?

I was a heavy smoker, smoking 50-55 tobacco cigarettes per day, or 15 packs a week. I started smoking when I was 14, and continued for 42 years.

A few years ago I had a total occlusion of the right and circumflex coronary arteries, which could not be repaired by angioplasty (I nearly died in one of three attempts to position a vascular stent. My heart stopped for almost two minutes).

Imagine that picture, and yet I still smoked a pack a day, hiding it from my wife and son. I had daily episodes of angina which were alleviated with sublingual nitroglycerin. Even the slightest effort would bring on an attack. Just climbing the stairs to my room would cause dyspnoea.

It was vital that I stopped smoking tobacco. I started with a whole string of quit attempts (traditional and alternative) including patches, medication, gum, hypnosis and acupuncture.

My colleagues at the hospital said I was a hopeless case.

And still I smoked.

My echocardiogram and chest radiography were a real fright.

Suddenly I found vaping and as if by miracle, after the first puff of a high nicotine eCig I never smoked again. I gave up smoking without any effort, I do not miss it and I have suffered no anxiety or weight gain.

Have you noticed any improvement in your health since you switched from smoking tobacco to using an eCig?

The episodes of angina disappeared (although my extensive daily medication, forced retirement and change of lifestyle have no doubt contributed to that, make no mistake).

I no longer suffer from dyspnoea from small tasks, only when greater efforts are required, such as climbing a hill.

My heart has sustained injury and has diminished capacity, but apart from that I am able to do more and my quality of life has improved 500%.

How long have you been using an eCig?

For five years now…how time flies!

That makes you the living proof on the use of eCigs in relation to chronic smoking related disease. What do the doctors who have treated you think?

Since you say so…yes. I am living proof that the use of eCigs has not only not worsened my condition, but against all of the odds my health has improved markedly in terms of my ability to function and my breathing capacity.

The doctors who are treating me are unable to explain my improvement, and although they are sceptical about eCigs, they are at least no longer hostile towards them.

What is your conclusion doctor?

The electronic cigarette is the perfect and most effective method to quit smoking, despite what the ill-informed and isolated WHO, Governments and those who are less than honest about the studies may think. I say so strongly, because at least in my case, it saved my life.


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    Right on! You’re the kind of doctor I like hearing from!
    The anti tobacco and nicotine zealots are doing great harm to the reputation of Public Health, even among nonsmokers who are surprised by the hysteria.
    Tobacco harm reduction for the win!

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